Aguiar-Guevara & Associates is a law firm founded in 1990 originally formed by a group of lawyers and consultants specializing in various areas of law, constitute a functional integrity that allows optimal performance in assistance, advice and representation of their clients.
Despite the diversity of specialties of lawyers associated with the Firm, all have a basic training and primarily procedural in various areas: criminal, civil, commercial, tax and insurance, which is oriented towards a better understanding of the dispute, allowing the selection of the best strategies to defend the personal, moral and economic client.
For the needs of the times, to the apparent increase in claims, civil and criminal cases in the area of medical liability as a result of damage to people for alleged malpraxis in the medical profession, the Firm has guided the most of its efforts in organizing the attention of this very specialized field of law, offering, at present time, a high standard of professional care and advice..
In these respects, Aguiar-Guevara & Associates, offers the customer a long history of service and unique pioneer experience in the field of Medical Law and Law of Damages, in addition to making available a wide support library, computer and experience an issue that allow full legal advice in regard to legal liability stemming from the medical legal doctor-patient relationship as a result of medical practice in all its areas; advice permanent private health institutions specially designed to search and resolution of risk factors in the health claims experience in the safety of hospitalization, surgery and maternity care and on medical fees, appraisal, and retasa notice.
The activity in question is complemented by the excellent quality of educational services designed to prepare professionals: doctors, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, especially in the field of Medical Law in all its areas of focus.
In exercising their functions Aguiar-Guevara & Associates offers a professional advisory service essentially in criminal matters but this is not an obstacle to the defense of persons and institutions in damages within the law of civil area.
Its main office is located in the southeast area of the Caracas metropolitan area, offering a high standard of privacy and convenience for the customer, however, maintains two branch offices: one in the east and one in downtown Caracas, which allow a better suited to the needs of each client and litigious process in particular.
The advice, assistance and representation offered are specially designed to cover the metropolitan area of Caracas nevertheless it does not prevent to offer, and in fact at the present time, we offer our services to customers inside the country who need it for the proper and timely consideration of their needs.
The activity carried out by Aguiar-Guevara & Associates, is not limited to the activity offered to customers individually, but it also develops educational programs for group of doctors and lawyers, as well as develop effective plans for preventive measures institutional management level.